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Emerging Kitchen Remodel Trends: The Styles and Features to Anticipate in 2024

Will sterile, white kitchens prevail? Or can you expect some new kitchen remodel trends to emerge in 2024? One Stop Kitchen plus Bath, your full-kitchen remodel contractor in Minneapolis, Minnesota, examines some up-and-coming style choices to inspire your aesthetic shifts in the New Year.

Our team will outline diverse color palettes, accents, and architecture options below. Experiment with the ones that pique your interest. 

Key Points

  • Minimalist design trends strike a balance with increased storage space.
  • Accent your kitchen with functional, colorful decorations to add flair without overtaking your space. 
  • Reconnect with nature through natural materials, earthy colors, and live plants. 

Opulent Backsplash Designs

Vibrant backsplashes featuring shimmering colors and unique designs can transform your kitchen’s atmosphere. This kitchen feature offers a perfect decorative match for homeowners who want to add an artistic accent without using too much space. Choose from an endless inventory of tile shapes, sizes, and colors to craft an elegant kitchen mosaic. 

Lighting Layers

Layered lighting is a type of light design where diverse light varieties illuminate your kitchen from multiple angles. For example, a layered lighting design might include:

  • A decorative but low-light chandelier
  • Clean, white lights installed under the top cabinets
  • Traditional bulb lights set into the ceiling
  • An east-facing window for muted, natural light

When designing kitchens, light design can either shrink or open the layout. Placing lighting at various locations with diverse brightness levels enhances the atmosphere and improves your sight. 

Natural Materials

One up-and-coming staple of modern kitchen design trends involves integrating furniture and features made from natural materials — bonus points if those materials are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. Some features you could explore include:

  • Stone tiles for flooring and backsplashes
  • Stone slabs for countertops
  • Bamboo cabinets and furniture

These elements help you recreate the great outdoors. 

Maximum Storage

You need plenty of storage options to craft a functional, clutter-free kitchen. Many homeowners have focused on innovative methods to maximize storage and keep their countertops open. Explore some kitchen features that work to this end below. 

Open Shelves

Do you want to make your kitchen look and feel bigger without eliminating your much-needed appliances and implements? Try open shelves! This shelving style emphasizes a space’s true depth, provides easy access to items, and needs less space than boxy cabinets.  

Extensive Cabinetry

Cabinets will always look timeless in any kitchen setting. Add some extra cabinets and a narrow pantry to your kitchen for organized storage. Plus, cabinets come in an endless array of styles, colors, and materials. You have countless possibilities at your fingertips with a talented, well-connected remodeling contractor. 

Dual-Purpose Kitchen Islands

Almost every homeowner wants a kitchen island for added countertop and table space. Why not expand your storage space with it? Design an island with embedded cabinets to store serving dishes and dinnerware. 

Customized Solutions

If you don’t want to overhaul your current cabinet design, explore customized organizational solutions like trays, shelves, lazy susans, and similar implements. Make your current setup more intuitive for your practical needs. 

Statement Colors

Do you dare to go bold? Choose bright, contrasting colors to make a statement in your kitchen. Combine soft, slate grays or whites with sharp, commanding blacks. Blend deep, rich navy blues with insipid, gentle greens. The possibilities are endless!  

Bohemian Accessories

Many new kitchen trends encourage a transition from chic minimalism to Bohemian maximalism. However, homeowners need space to move, work, and clean freely in their kitchens. Too many decorative items could inhibit their movements. 

The following decorative ideas will add that eclectic aesthetic without overtaking your space:

  • Macrame hanging baskets: Implement fresh fruits and vegetables into your kitchen decor with sturdy macrame hanging baskets. You can purchase these products with multiple tiers or a single basket space. 
  • Plush, patterned rugs: Many homeowners avoid placing rugs in their kitchens. However, choosing a washable one can make a difference in your comfort levels and floor maintenance. 
  • Gem-toned cushions: If you have a kitchen island or peninsula layout, you can add eye-catching cushions to the seating for a pop of color and texture. 
  • Fabric wall-hangings: Wall decorations manufactured from various fabrics add that rustic touch to any space. Explore washable tapestries to keep your kitchen unique and clean. 
  • Wooden accents: Wooden cabinets and chairs combined with matching equipment like cutting boards can elevate the space with a carefree, rustic aesthetic. 

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

You already learned how upcoming kitchen remodel trends lean toward natural aesthetics. Expand on these designs by implementing accents and colors that reflect the wild. The kitchen styling ideas below might inspire you. 

Indoor Plants

Plants are classic decorative accents that freshen your indoor air and add a sparkle of life to any space. Bring them into your kitchen! Some indoor plants you can effortlessly maintain include:

  • Snake plants
  • ZZ plants
  • Pothos vines
  • Some succulents and cacti

Why stop there? Make your fresh greenery a part of your culinary activities! Install an indoor herbal garden with fresh herbs you frequently use. You can easily care for plants like rosemary, basil, and parsley.  

Eco-Friendly Decor

Accent decor adds an undeniable splash of personality to any space. However, many decorative products consist of plastic and other materials that harm the environment and don’t last long. Explore decorations made from eco-neutral or eco-friendly materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Fabrics 
  • Lightweight woods

If you want to incorporate plastics, opt for recycled plastics. 

Natural Light

Adding a window or utilizing an existing one offers myriad benefits:

  • You can enjoy the happenings outside your home. 
  • Natural light makes kitchens feel bigger and more comfortable. 
  • Allowing the sun to filter through on cold days could decrease your electricity bills.
  • Your kitchen may seem more open and spacious. 

Plus, you can open the window on warm days, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home.  

Earthy Tones

Frigid white paint in an empty, sterile environment is on its way out! Rich, warm, earthy tones have taken its place. Consider colors that reflect what you’d find in nature:

  • Hushed, warm brownish-reds
  • Deep, vibrant greens
  • Soft, light-hearted neutrals that look like sand or driftwood
  • Grays and blacks that mimic natural stone

Choose your favorite natural environment, like the desert, beach, or forest, and use the colors you’d find there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kitchen trends will go out of style in 2024?

Kitchen trends that will go out of style in 2024 include frigid, white minimalism and featureless cabinetry and appliances. While some minimalist elements remain, they allow more creativity and personal touches. 

What kitchen trends will stay stylish in 2024?

Kitchen trends that will stay stylish in 2024 include opting for eco-friendly or upcycled materials and live greenery. Recycling and upcycling protect the environment, while indoor plants subtly enrich the atmosphere. 

What are some timeless kitchen design ideas?

Some timeless kitchen design ideas include cabinet organizers, decluttered countertops, and neutral colors. These elements blend well with most interior design changes and improve your kitchen’s functionality. 

How can I make my kitchen look bigger?

Make your kitchen look bigger with light paint colors, open shelving, and glass cabinet doors. If possible, request a new window during your renovation experience. 

Integrate These Kitchen Remodel Trends with One Stop Kitchen plus Bath!

Incorporate these creative kitchen remodel trends with assistance from One Stop Kitchen plus Bath’s renovation team. We’ll nail down every detail perfectly, from the kitchen lighting layout to the countertops and flooring. Make 2024 the year you achieve your stylish dream kitchen. Call 763-349-3656 to request a quote.

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